went to lunch with my mom and this little girl was staring at my septum piercing and then she was getting a drink and she couldn’t get it herself and her mom wouldn’t help her and i helped her and this guy was staring at me when i helped her and then he had a big fight with his girlfriend

I want to breathe on all of the windows so that I can paint perfect reflections of the beautiful people I am so blessed to live among here where I live

Zeke took some acid last week and the clouds were swimming with that cryptic writing like they do. Zeke kept staring, hoping for a message from god or whatever. Finally the writing became clear and Zeke made out the words “just be yourself.” Which felt like some kind of fucking joke.

people should stop picking on creed. i know they aren’t a great band or anything, but thats no reason to be so negative. they are just some regular guys trying to share their love for christ.